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Hand Cut Dovetails — Mass Produced?

One down and seven corners to go for this first run of these dovetailed, sliding lid boxes.  The Lore of the Dovetail is one that has always interested me.  Obviously I’m not alone in that since I’ve had numerous students … Continue reading

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Dovetailed Boxes with Spalted Maple Lid

Work is progressing nicely on the sliding lid, dovetailed boxes using the pieces of Spalted Maple I received as a gift.  If you recall my last post I referred to this wood as being “punky” — wonder what that means? … Continue reading

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Hand Cut Dovetails & Spalted Maple

If you’ve ever heard of or seen a wood that’s been “spalted” you’ll appreciate the unique beauty of it.  Here’s a photograph I attempted to crop to give you a good view of it. When wood is spalted it means … Continue reading

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