Monitor Cabinet Continued

WoodworksbyJohn-CustomFurniture-LasVegas-MonitorCabinet-This shows the progress on the case for the 31″ monitor job I accepted recently.  It’s always good to finally take the parts you’ve been working on and fit them together.  If you read the first post on this project you’ll recall I termed it my “head scratcher” since it looked to be a real puzzle on how to construct it.  Now that I see what I have (picture on left) I can tell that the plans in my mind and roughly drawn on paper have me on the right track.  This will be big!  My initial plan was to divide the space below the cabinet into 3, equal areas and use that to store binders, papers, and other job related items.  Now that I see how the cables may have to be routed that may change to 2 divisions.

This job is a good example of what I refer to as hybrid woodworking.  When you combine machine process with hand work I believe you’re following an efficient work flow without only preferring one or the other.  Work started with machinery to rough cut the stock to size.  Next, a hand plane joints the edges for lamination followed by first a power planer and finally a hand plane to get that furniture quality finish I put in all of my work.  After the sides were sized they were cut to the L-shape you see with the bandsaw.  Bandsaws leave a fairly rough surface so here is the power tool, hand tool process utilized to finish that process.

I know, and after going to the AWFS fair here in Las Vegas last month it’s obvious; that this could have been completed on a CNC machine in a fraction of the time.  To me, that takes the hands on woodworking out of the equation.  I’ll always prefer to have my hands on the materials forming and shaping it to produce my work.

We’ve only begun the work on this piece but it’s good to see it come together.  On the schedule for today is determining the over-all height to give an acceptable viewing level while seated at the desk, location and drilling 3″ holes for the ventilation fans, figuring out where the bottom panel needs to be drilled for not only air flow but also running the cables.  It would be nice to assemble this today but the temperature may get too warm, then the glue sets up too quickly.

In case you’re wondering, the back of the cabinet will have doors on it so that it can be accessed easily.  These will be of a flat panel design and use a rustic Alder ply for the panels.  I can see that there needs to be internal bracing to keep everything square and in alignment but the monitor will need to be in place so I can tell how it will fit.

Any wonder I’m calling this my Head Scratcher project?

About woodworksbyjohn

I'm a retired woodshop teacher. I build one of a kind furniture pieces and custom picture frames. You can see some of my currently available work, boxes, carvings through my Etsy store: Contact me about your project -- always up for the challenge of unique work.
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