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Flower Nouveau Complete

It always feels good to complete a frame and this 16″ x 20″ is no exception, it’s titled Flower Nouveau because it just seems like a different way of looking at a flower carved into the corner of a frame. … Continue reading

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Scottsdale Frame #4: Flower Nouveau

Now that this frame has reached the burnisher/sealer stage I feel as if I can show it on the blog.  I’ve decided to call it Flower Nouveau since there is some of that style incorporated into the design.  The inspiration … Continue reading

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Waterleaf Frame Complete — Next!!

Before I get into the work on the next frame, allow me to share the final result of the Waterleaf one just completed.  Toning and giving the finish a sense of age without making it look like it’s been through … Continue reading

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As Others Saw Me!

This blog is totally unrelated to my woodworking so maybe somewhat difficult to write.  You’re probably aware that Diane and I are spending 6 months in Scottsdale as our 20th. anniversary trip/celebration.  The goal and purpose is to really immerse … Continue reading

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Waterleaf Molding — Gilded

The question in my mind was would I be able to lay the composition gold into the carvings on this waterleaf carved frame and thankfully, the answer turned out to be yes!  The previous blog about this frame had to do … Continue reading

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Waterleaf Molding — Exercise in Repetition!

  A very classic design for moldings is the waterleaf motif.  Although they appear quite complicated its form comes from a series of cuts made with specific chisels in a given sequence.  Whew, all that being said as an ultra … Continue reading

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Share the Completed Frames

Finding a good location to photograph these frames has proven difficult!  At home I’ll use the side of the house in the mornings before the sun hits and the lighting is really quite nice.  These are the best I can … Continue reading

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