Woodworking Portfolio

As you look through these highlights I hope you’ll notice the type of work that excites me the most; that is those challenging projects that are designed for a client who has a vision but isn’t sure if it’s possible.  A project I was commissioned to do that was very challenging is a piece that is called a Mechanical Cellarette.  To fully appreciate it, please click on this BlogLink that has a video explaining what it is.  Rising to the challenge applies to my personal work as well.  For me, it’s all about the process of taking this beautiful material and creating heirloom quality, hand crafted items.  Utilizing exotic wood species and showcasing them in their natural state is part of my ethic, as I’ve often said: “it’s all about the wood”!

Custom Furniture


Custom Picture Frames

Picture frames are an aspect of my woodworking that began primarily for my artist/wife Diane Eugster.  She is an accomplished artist who enters competitions and is also represented by various galleries.  She is primarily a figurative artist and as any artist out there knows, the frames you show your work in are important for the over-all presentation.  It is my goal to create frames for her and other artists that carry the theme of the painting to the frame — perhaps a good description would be a “boutique frame maker”.  To that end, I have designed a molding that is 4″ wide and has a rabbet sufficient for either a panel or stretched canvas.  Details of that molding can be found through this blog link.  I also like to create frames from various wood species that can range from a simple profile to Craftsman type frames.  My goal is to provide custom, gallery quality frames for the artist at a price point somewhere between the big box stores imports and the main street frame shops.