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Small Picture Frames Complete

Here is one of the 12 small picture frames with a painting by Diane Eugster.  This is one of the thirty paintings she did for the challenge I mentioned in the previous blog.  You can probably guess why I choose … Continue reading

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Small Custom Picture Frames

Any of you that work at some sort of art or craft know that, for the most part, it’s a labor of love rather then a viable money making endeavor.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many commissions where I’ve made a … Continue reading

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Chair is Complete — Education Ongoing!

In the first write up about the repair work I’m doing on this chair, I mentioned how much I was learning and now that I’m done I’ve gotten more knowledge about; eh, let’s call it early mid-century furniture production.  Here … Continue reading

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Chair Repair and the Things I’m Learning!

Just like restoring an old car, taking on a repair project of a classically constructed piece of furniture can be a real learning experience.  Although I generally shy away from repair work you may recall the work I blogged about … Continue reading

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American Impressionist Show 2015

Sometimes you’ll hear someone say: “I don’t mean to brag but…….”; well, you’re not going to hear that from me because I do mean to brag!  Diane and I just returned from the 2015 American Impressionist Juried show that was … Continue reading

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Summerlin Festival of Arts 2015

After a good nights sleep, Sunday morning arrived with a clear blue sky, warm temps (even here for October) and saw Diane and I ready for another day of manning our booth. Let me share what we went through at … Continue reading

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Wenge + Spalted Maple = Dovetails and Pegs?

I like the direction this box series has taken so I’ll share this photo first and then explain the “back story”.  On our recent visit to Spokane, my daughter wanted us to see a local lumberyard that had quite a selection … Continue reading

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