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Small Plow Plane Box Complete

In the last blog I discussed how this project has gotten away from me and my tendency to get pretty darn obsessive with most everything.  I’d like to think that there are  other woodworkers out there who, like me; get as much enjoyment … Continue reading

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Chair Repair and the Things I’m Learning!

Just like restoring an old car, taking on a repair project of a classically constructed piece of furniture can be a real learning experience.  Although I generally shy away from repair work you may recall the work I blogged about … Continue reading

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Custom Picture Frame Molding: Part 2 — Finished

Before I do the continuation of creating the custom picture frame molding I just have to show you the completed piece.  As I mentioned in the first installment of this blog, my wife Diane; painted this from a picture she … Continue reading

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Why I Like Old Brown Glue

Glue technology has come a long way from the days where you’d have to keep a glue pot warm in the shop.  That was the first thing you probably did — “put on the glue” so that it was ready … Continue reading

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Arm Cuff Presentation Box

Very happy that the glue up for the presentation box went without a hitch.  Glue ups can tend to be stressful so careful planning is a must; especially for someone like me who’s been accused of even pre-worrying!  Here is … Continue reading

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