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What’s It All About and a Stopped Dado!

When I went out to the shop this morning the thermometer told me that the inside and outside temperatures where equal — 91 degrees and it’s just 7:30am.  This morning, like every other one, began with breakfast, reading the newspaper, … Continue reading

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Major Hurdle Passed Today

When I was a carpenter there was an expression that went something like this: “with every nail you drive, you’re driving yourself out of work”.  Well, that may be true but it sure is nice to see the progress you … Continue reading

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SawStop Sliding Table Jig and Other Shop Happenings

The heat is on here in Las Vegas, a bit earlier than expected but when I get to the shop at 7-8:00 am it’s already in the low 80’s and humidity around 2-3%.  I’ll work until there is too much … Continue reading

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SawStop Sliding Table or “Old Dog – New Tricks?”

This is a panoramic shot of what the shop looked like this morning.  As you can see, the car’s gone and things are strewn all over the place — need to organize!  But, I’m getting ahead of myself so let me … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Many of you probably remember the movie of the same name and as I reflected on my day that title just popped into my head — read more to find out why! The Good: Waiting for the sliding table to arrive … Continue reading

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