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Shop Made Router Table on a SawStop

Having a somewhat limited size shop means that you need to  be creative in your space regarding tools and placements and even whether or not you need that tool or if something else can suffice.  That’s my feelings towards a … Continue reading

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Learning by Doing — Things I Didn’t Know But Do Now!

How’s that for a blog title?, one of my favorite sayings is this: “the more I know, the more I realize what I don’t know” — does that make any sense?  That’s a saying that some credit to  Socrates.  That seems … Continue reading

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New SawStop — Now what do you do?

Why hand work of course!  The armoire project is just waiting to get out of the bathtub and back under construction.  You may recall the post where I assembled the front and rear frames.  Now that the excitement and set up … Continue reading

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SawStop Assembly — Professional Cabinet Saw Model

I’ll start out by saying how impressed I am with the packaging and directions that came with the saw.  I’ve already mentioned how Woodworker’s Emporium here in Las Vegas provided free delivery, free installation of the optional mobile base, and … Continue reading

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Tablesaw Conundrum

Not a good time for a quiz but my shop certainly looks a bit different now — seems much larger without my Jet cabinet saw with the 52″ out feed table!  This is the first time I’ve been without a tablesaw … Continue reading

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Shop Happenings

Seems as if it’s been a while since I blogged and watching my wife, Diane being so consistent in her blogging makes me feel like a slacker so let me share what’s been going on with the woodworking side of … Continue reading

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Carving and Gilding of Picture Frames

After the frames were carved and sanded the next step is to apply a coat or two of burnisher sealer.  This is the product you use in oil gilding that takes the place of multiple coats of gesso and then … Continue reading

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Frame Carving and Gilding

I’m often kidded by my neighbor who tells me that if retirement means being as busy as he sees me all of the time he’s not so sure he wants to retire!!  Well, first of all; Diane and I don’t like … Continue reading

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