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November; Another Month Gone!

This has been a good and very warm month here in Phoenix.  My work is increasing as more people hear about me and decide to ask me to work on their projects.  One that is 99% complete that I had … Continue reading

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Picture Frame Carving Tutorial: Part 2

Now that the general outline of the frame has been carved it’s time to separate and model the leaves to give some life to it.  Although I drew those separating lines in my initial steps it’s better to do them … Continue reading

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Scottsdale Frame #4: Flower Nouveau

Now that this frame has reached the burnisher/sealer stage I feel as if I can show it on the blog.  I’ve decided to call it Flower Nouveau since there is some of that style incorporated into the design.  The inspiration … Continue reading

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La Niña Mariachi Frame Complete

    I must admit that I’m more than pleased with this frame and the painting: In the blog I wrote about the development of this frame I mentioned how watching the painting develop each time I walked by Diane’s studio … Continue reading

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Carving and Gilding of Picture Frames

After the frames were carved and sanded the next step is to apply a coat or two of burnisher sealer.  This is the product you use in oil gilding that takes the place of multiple coats of gesso and then … Continue reading

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