November; Another Month Gone!

This has been a good and very warm month here in Phoenix.  My work is increasing as more people hear about me and decide to ask me to work on their projects.  One that is 99% complete that I had hoped to share was the Mid-Century Modern dresser that has been modified to become a double vanity.  Unfortunately some of the parts required to complete this job were the wrong ones so we’re waiting on those to come in so the plumber can finish the installation.  I can give you a teaser picture of how the drawer was modified so the drain has a way to through each drawer.  My client has all of the drawers and has promised to send pictures of the completed vanity, I’ll explain and give you details of how this problem was solved then.

Robert Lemler Painting 4″ x 10″

A commission I had for picture frames and one I really enjoyed was to frame two nudes painted by Robert Lemler for a client.  Robert Lemler’s work is fantastic and I know him personally. He teaches at the Scottsdale Artist School and is represented by a number of galleries.  His work is on several websites and is easy to find with an internet search.  Here are the two frames.  Both of the moldings were custom milled from Basswood.  The first measures 4″ x 10″ and is a custom milled profile.  The finish is Japan Black over red clay which has been rubbed strategically back to expose the clay and replicate years of wear and handling.  The other nude is larger, measuring 12″ x 24″.  This one was framed in a floater style frame that has been gilded.  Again, the frame was slightly distressed, this is commonly done to add age and authenticity to the piece.  I always feel honored when a client trusts me to frame their valuable art work

Robert Lemler Painting 12″ x 24″

Rockler Speaker Kit

A quick and fun project this month was to make a blue tooth capable speaker for Diane to use in her studio and car.  Rockler Woodwork sent an email showing this little speaker so decided to give it a try!  The radio went out in her car and the price of this kit was way less than the repair cost for that.  Made a little holder for the speaker that fits in the cars cup holder and it works great.  Now she can do Pandora on her iPhone and hear it.  I’ve always wondered it Baltic Birch Plywood could be finger jointed and now I know — yes it can!

Last of all, work has begun on a new frame for one of Diane’s paintings titled Cheers.  It’s on stretched canvas and measures 20″ square.  In it, the lady is holding a Martini and my first thought was olives!  After a bit of image searching I had enough information to design a gently flowing design that’ll go in each corner.  Again, my go to source for making a pattern is the plastic containers used for salad that you get at the store.  After drawing it out, the pattern is spray glued to the plastic which is then cut out with the appropriate chisels.  Here’s a photo montage of the process.

Diane’s painting has been accepted in a show but I have until the beginning of January to get it finished.




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I'm a retired woodshop teacher. I build one of a kind furniture pieces and custom picture frames. You can see some of my currently available work, boxes, carvings through my Etsy store: Contact me about your project -- always up for the challenge of unique work.
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2 Responses to November; Another Month Gone!

  1. Bob Easton says:

    Congrats on the framing commissions John! They’re getting you where you wanted to be, and BTW look great.


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