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SawStop Sliding Table Jig and Other Shop Happenings

The heat is on here in Las Vegas, a bit earlier than expected but when I get to the shop at 7-8:00 am it’s already in the low 80’s and humidity around 2-3%.  I’ll work until there is too much … Continue reading

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TGIF: Assembled — Can’t Wait until Tomorrow!

  I’ve mentioned the stress of glue ups and this one was no exception.  Before I get into that though I’d like to share this picture showing the first coat of the Tried & True, Danish oil on the top. … Continue reading

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Finally, Glue Up of Bubinga Frame and Panel

It always seems to take a long time between the start of a project to the assembly of some of its pieces.  The first goal, after milling the lumber to approximate dimensions, was to assemble the top.  The rest of … Continue reading

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