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Shop Happenings & A SawStop Trick

As I mentioned in my last post the emphasis right now is preparing picture frames, ready for carving, gilding, and finishing for our adventure Scottsdale — doesn’t really make for a real exciting blog post!  One complaint I’ve heard about the … Continue reading

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Mechanical Cellarette — Final Details

I’ve used this before in my writing but it’s worth repeating!  Many years ago Diane and I were having a discussion about her paintings and she told me that: “I work until I get to a problem area, solve that, … Continue reading

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Now where is my tape measure? — Time to clean!

  I tend to keep a pretty clean shop, something needed when it’s as compact in size as mine is.  As a general rule, everything is in it’s place, that’s how I function the best.  However; when you can’t find … Continue reading

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TGIF: Assembled — Can’t Wait until Tomorrow!

  I’ve mentioned the stress of glue ups and this one was no exception.  Before I get into that though I’d like to share this picture showing the first coat of the Tried & True, Danish oil on the top. … Continue reading

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Inlaying Marble in a Bubinga Top

It has been an involved process getting to this point but here’s the first look at the Italian Marble placed into the top: The over-all measurement of the top is 20″ wide by 44″ long.  The piece of marble is … Continue reading

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