Back in Teacher Mode

Well, I received an email from Jamie, the owner of Wooditis here in Las Vegas yesterday that the Hand Tool Class I’m scheduled to teach is a go, there is a full class sign ups so this will be fun!  Here is a LINK to the class announcement, the picture she put in there of me is from a show and tell session we had at one of our monthly, Sin City Woodworkers meetings.  The school is located in the general vicinity of the North Las Vegas Airport and I’ve taught a few other classes there over the years.  It’s a great venue to share my love of woodworking with others.  Funny thing about teaching — many times being the teacher I learn new things too!  The focus will be sharpening and setting up your tools, planing wood square/smooth, and cutting joinery by hand.  The initial project is a bench hook which is over built but will teach those things.  We’ll also be making a dovetailed box.

Last Saturday I also had a full class at a seminar on setting up, sharpening, and usage of hand planes.  This was part of Woodworkers Emporiums, Second Saturday events.  Had 11 attendees and felt it went quite well.  There does seem to be a resurgence of people interested in the hand tool aspect of woodworking.  With all of this it means the Armoire has to take a back seat but there are my two commissions in progress too.  Both of those are on hold until the parts that are being “out-sourced” arrive.  For the media table I’m waiting on the metal legs and the mechanical cellarette is waiting for the lift mechanism.  Good to be busy, keeps a man out of trouble!


About woodworksbyjohn

I'm a retired woodshop teacher. I build one of a kind furniture pieces and custom picture frames. You can see some of my currently available work, boxes, carvings through my Etsy store: Contact me about your project -- always up for the challenge of unique work.
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