Custom Baseboard — No Problem!


Custom profile on left, original on right.

Since the location of the television is changed from the west wall to the north wall it also meant relocating the cable.  I mentioned that we’ll use an antenna which, combined with Roku satisfies our viewing needs.  It would have been fairly simple to run the coaxial cable behind the new wall but that still left the question of how to bring it the rest of the way to the center of the north wall.  The goal is to not have that ugly coax snaking along the floor!  My first thought was to simply cut a section out of the the drywall, maybe 5″-6″ wide to allow access for a drill and then snake the cable through holes in the studs.  Even though we’re getting a professional guy to texture the drywall it’s still more work and matching the texture pattern would be nearly impossible.  With my anal eye for detail I’m sure it would always go to the patch job so that idea was eliminated.

My next thought was to make my own baseboard that has a chase in it for the coax cable.  It began with some 4/4 Poplar ripped to 3 5/16″ wide.  A channel was cut on the back side that is about 3/8″ deep by 3/4″ wide which allows ample room to run the cable.  The profile I cut is as close to the rest of the baseboard as I could get.  Heck, I like hand work so it’ll be an interesting challenge seeing how to cope the two profiles and have them blend.  The kind of hand work I’m not too crazy about is this:

HomeRemodel-CustomBaseboardMolding-1Between the ripping, dadoing, routing, and sanding it makes quite a mess but the easiest way to go about it.  A couple of coats of paint in the morning and it’ll be ready for installation.

!" hole through OSB for cable

!” hole through OSB for cable

Here’s the plan for running the coaxial cable, first a hole was drilled through the wall just above the sill plate.  When the drywall is applied I’ll just notch it to fit over the hole.  I made it large so the cable doesn’t have to be kinked to bend through it.  I still need to do the same at the location on the north wall for the new cable connection.  Haven’t gotten to that yet.  Here you can see how the baseboard will cover everything.  Obviously, the drywall will be in place, textured and painted before the molding goes on.

Tomorrow will see the baseboard painted and the drywall guy is supposed to come by to bid the job.  There is a little bit of work to be done on the ceiling but essentially there is a 9′ x 11′ area that needs to be rocked, taped, and textured.  I’ll do the painting and finish work once he completes that end of it.  Things are kind of a mess right now but I do have the habit of cleaning up at the end of each day to keep the house livable but how’s that saying go; if you want an omelet you have to crack some eggs?  Something like that, hope that makes sense to you!

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2 Responses to Custom Baseboard — No Problem!

  1. I would have just tacked a spacer strip to the back of the existing baseboard to create a wire chase. Trim the boards that meet it in the corners and you might not even have to re-cope the joints.


    • Not sure how I would have gone about that, the original is that high quality MDF crap and about 7/16″ thick. Since I needed approx. 3/8″ for the coaxial that wouldn’t of left much. Thanks for the thoughts though, nice to know you’re reading my blog. Can’t wait to get back to furniture though!


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