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Mitered Birch Mantle — aka Packing Tape Assembly!

As any home owner knows, there’s always an improvement or remodel that can be done to enhance your home and customize it to your sense of style.  That was the case with our home here in Phoenix.  Diane has such … Continue reading

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Utility Sink Progress

Love doing custom, one of a kind projects but you never quite know what you’re getting yourself into!  A concern with this project was being able to fit everything into the space available.  For that reason the stand for the … Continue reading

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New Project: Utility Sink

If you’ve ever had a utility sink where you can wash out those things you didn’t want to use your kitchen sink for you’ll understand Diane’s desire for one where she can clean out her paint brushes after her daily … Continue reading

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Check off Another Home Project!

In my last post my comments were geared towards why I love this woodworking stuff and even though I’d much rather be doing finer aspects like carving or hand joinery, being able to do these things is rewarding as well. … Continue reading

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Why I Love Working Wood!

You can do the math but my earliest recollections of working with wood go all the way back to elementary school in the 50’s  when I made a tug boat out of a piece of balsa wood. Also remember my … Continue reading

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Garage Side Door — Unorthodox Methods but Done!

Well, I was so glad to get the door completed and hung that I took a few shots of it with my iPhone and posted them on Facebook!  It brought a number of positive responses and I knew I wanted … Continue reading

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Garage Side Door — Past Due Project

One of the things that rarely need to be replaced in our homes are the doors.  Sure, you may add a more decorative door to the entry to enhance the looks of the house or French doors to make a more dramatic … Continue reading

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Two Fingered Typist Blog!

Well, I suppose I should explain that strange sounding title to you.  Now that the HDTV cabinet is complete I decided it was time to delve into some less intense work. I don’t know about the rest of you but when … Continue reading

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Roman Shades = Custom Pull

Well, I did say a post or two ago that it was the last of the blogs about our recent family room remodel but —- guess what?  Here’s another!  If you work around your own home does it ever feel … Continue reading

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Last Word on the Re-Model

My guess is that most of us that work with our hands get a lot of satisfaction from it.  Seeing my students reactions during my teaching career to the projects they were able to make showed that sense of pride and satisfaction. … Continue reading

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