New Project: Utility Sink

If you’ve ever had a utility sink where you can wash out those things you didn’t want to use your kitchen sink for you’ll understand Diane’s desire for one where she can clean out her paint brushes after her daily studio sessions.  Her studio has an attached bathroom but granite, porcelain, and solvents are not a good combination!  I too have the habit of washing the brushes I use with soap and water after cleaning them with paint thinner and have been using the kitchen for that.  Enter that old saying: “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”.  After checking out our possibilities we decided the only place for a utility sink would be the laundry room, now that seems like a “no duh” moment but there isn’t enough space without some restructuring.

Let’s go through the design process for this project, this is before:

This is what I’ve started with.  Shortly before we moved from Las Vegas we purchased new washer/dryers which were pretty hi-tech to replace the ones we’ve had for over 20 years. Unfortunately those stayed with the house but come to think of it, if we’d taken them here we probably wouldn’t replace them with stackable units!  The ones in the house are okay but we were spoiled by the efficiency of the newer ones.  We’ve decided to buy a new set that can be stacked, they will be stacked on the left side.  I love sinks with a built in drain board so we found one that will just fit in the space to the right.  Timber Woodwork in Mesa had the 12/4 Alder needed for the legs of the new laundry stand so that’s where that stack of lumber came from —- great lumber and machinery place by the way!  Now for the inspiration and design of our new sink.  My cousin who lives in Holland posted the picture you see on the right, somewhat as a challenge, on Facebook.  It’s an antique school desk and I really like the finger jointed apron around it.  In the meantime, Diane had found this picture of a utility sink on Houz and sent it to me as a possibility.  That’s the picture in the middle.  On the right is my quick sketch and notes combining the two — now it’s time to produce!

Many considerations for this project.  First off the space is limited, electrical for the dryer needs to be re-located, and obviously the plumbing needs to be moved to service the sink.  To get as much working space as possible we decided to wall mount the faucet.  I can handle the electricity but I’ve found a plumber who’ll move the drain and supply as needed.  Currently the stand is under construction and I’ll share those details later.  Once that’s close to being completed the existing washer/dryer will be moved out and hopefully sold quickly on CraigsList.  I’ll need the room to demo the drywall and do the work required back there.  Once done all that’s left will be new drywall, paint, tile, etc. and we can schedule delivery — sounds easy enough right?  The washer/dryer have been ordered from Home Depot, luckily we bought them on the last day of their sale and they’re holding them for us.  Okay, time for me to get to the shop!

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I'm a retired woodshop teacher. I build one of a kind furniture pieces and custom picture frames. You can see some of my currently available work, boxes, carvings through my Etsy store: Contact me about your project -- always up for the challenge of unique work.
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