PackRat #1 Packed — #2 Wednesday!

A lot has happened since my last blog post to share with you.  It’s not really about woodworking but it is the continuing saga of our move from Las Vegas to Phoenix.  If there’s one thing I’ve discovered is that real estate transactions are somewhat complicated and like the saying goes: “it ain’t over till it’s over!”.  We are on the final steps, signing  papers with the title company tomorrow for the sale of this house is the first one.  Then I’m flying to Phoenix on Thursday to do a walk-through, decided to spend a couple hours in the air rather than 11 hours on the road.  Our first PackRat was delivered Saturday and we had it loaded up by Sunday.  The second one comes Wednesday so we’ll be ready to load it up too.  Pretty amazing to see how they set the PackRat on the driveway:

Once the truck was in line with the driveway the entire back end of it was like a huge forklift — pretty impressive!

One other item of note is that the Sin City Woodworkers group that I’ve been a charter member of since it was formed almost 8 years ago  had a going away meeting for me.  This group has been a big part of my woodworking life for all those years.  It was founded by Jamie Yocono of WoodItIs who is an extremely talented woodworker that takes on all types of projects and challenges.  She also runs a highly successful school from her studio as well and I’ve been fortunate enough to teach a number of hand tool woodworking classes there for her.

When her, Diane, and I were visiting after our return from Scottsdale Jamie mentioned that she needed a demonstrator for the upcoming meeting and maybe I’d like to share the 6 month experience with of gilding and carving frames just completed.  Well, I thought I was off the hook since all of those are in storage in Phoenix or else at Diane’s gallery — Wrong!!

Framed -- Last SCWW Meeting

Framed — Last SCWW Meeting

Jamie told me she seen the photographs and blogs I wrote during that time and maybe I could put together a computer presentation.  I did and here’s a LINK to the write up Jamie did of the meeting and my presentation, check it out; it’s quite an active group.  Truth be told, I’ve done many demonstrations for the group and enjoy sharing what I can with others.  There were two frames I could bring in, one composition gold gilded and the other 22kt. gold.  My parting shot was this one, framed by the completely hand carved, 22kt. frame.


To sum it up, the next blog I write should be from our new home in Phoenix.  We’re praying that the final stages of this move go without a hitch, it seems as if all’s well and on track but you know the saying about when it’s all over!

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I'm a retired woodshop teacher. I build one of a kind furniture pieces and custom picture frames. You can see some of my currently available work, boxes, carvings through my Etsy store: Contact me about your project -- always up for the challenge of unique work.
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