Artists’ Taboret Complete

For those of us that have a passion for creating art, the work space is our happy place.  Rarely have I talked with someone who hasn’t lamented that they either need a larger space or a more efficient one.  This taboret  project was inspired in order to make your studio a more user friendly area. My first blog was written about the basic construction of it.  Allow me to explain the thought process behind this project and discuss ways it can be customized to suit specific artists needs.  Diane’s studio started out like this:

But now she has this:

She has told me several times how much she enjoys her new set up, everything she needs is at hand so her creative process doesn’t get interrupted by leaving the easel to search out a special tool or supply.

Size & Construction:    The most obvious advantage to having a  custom taboret is that it can be sized to fit your workspace.  If you’re tall or short, the working height can be adjusted.  Maybe you like to work standing or sitting on your favorite stool, this taboret can be built to suit that. Mass produced taborets are limited to standard sizes but not with this unit.  I’m calling this The Industrial Chic look.  By combining the Birch plywood with it’s multiple plies of wood exposed plus stainless steel fasteners there is a no-nonsense, I’m ready to create vibe!  Even the shop made drawer pulls echo that look.  The taboret also has polyurethane wheels for mobility and the front two will lock into position.

Drawers:    These are the heart of the unit, a basic taboret will have three drawers that will feature ball bearing, full extension slides.  Many artists use this style of palette keeper that can be stored on the shelf to keep it out of your way.  Trays can be added for your pencils, charcoal, erasers, etc.  Drawers are divided to organize your tubes of paint, brushes, and knives.  Deeper drawers can have a sliding tray added to them to maximize their usefulness.

Other Options  

If you use a tablet or iPad for your studio work this shelf is an option.  The shelf will be sized to fit whatever you may use to support your tablet.  It is mounted on the side of the taboret and locks securely at any height with two large knobs.

While designing this project I received input from several artists on features they would like to see.  These included a way to adjust the angle of the palette, additional brush storage off the side, and a dedicated well space for your turpentine.  These, and most other things you may require can be incorporated into the taboret.  My goal is to make your creative process as seamless as possible by having your work space actually work for you!  Not a “knock down” project or import that you have to put together yourself — this is a one of kind unit designed and built just for you.  Pricing will vary depending on the size and optional features you’d like, $500.00 would be the starting point for a basic model.  The one shown has additional drawers and the iPad mount.  Shipping is really not an option due to the size and weight.

Contact me and we’ll design one to suit your requirements.  I enjoy the challenge of designing of creating artists furnishings to suit their needs.  If there is something unique you’d like to see in your taboret let’s see if we can work that out.



About woodworksbyjohn

I'm a retired woodshop teacher. I build one of a kind furniture pieces and custom picture frames. You can see some of my currently available work, boxes, carvings through my Etsy store: Contact me about your project -- always up for the challenge of unique work.
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  1. I just love this, don’t know how I worked before without it. Saving me lots of time and gnashing of teeth! thanks John


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