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Carving and Gilding of Picture Frames

After the frames were carved and sanded the next step is to apply a coat or two of burnisher sealer.  This is the product you use in oil gilding that takes the place of multiple coats of gesso and then … Continue reading

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Art Nouveau Frame Update and Fixes!

Here is the Art Nouveau frame in its’ final form with the designated painting by Diane in it.  There has been some “trials and tribulations” in the making of this frame which are mostly due to my own errors!!  I’ll … Continue reading

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Macacauba Box Complete

Ever find that whenever you think you’ve completed a project you stop and say “‘except for ……..!”  That’s what just crossed my mind as I put in the title to this post.  I need to line the bottom of the … Continue reading

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Final Steps on Eyeglass Cases

So, here’s my excuse for not being out in the shop lately — been visiting my daughter and family up in Spokane.  This is Connor and he’s the one I made the monster truck for, he loved it!  He’ll turn … Continue reading

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