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Gilding the Final Frame

Well for starters, this may not be the final frame since I have one left and a couple of weeks to go.  There is one more frame with this profile that measures 11″ x 14″.  As far as our move … Continue reading

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Gold on the Leaf Motif Frame

If you read my last post the first carved frame of the Scottsdale adventure was ready for the gilding step.  I use composition gold which I like to refer to as Dutch Gold because of my heritage.  However; Diane feels this … Continue reading

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Carving and Gilding a Cat for a Lid or Plaque

In my last blog about this Etsy custom order I shared my method of making a miter cornered box.  The client requested a copper gilded lid with an image of a cat.  We choose this one from free internet images available from … Continue reading

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Fig Leaf Frame Complete — Gold Leaf Tutorial

This painting and frame is the first collaboration Diane and I have had in almost three years!  She took a hiatus from painting during the downturn of the economy and pursued other artistic endeavors.  I always enjoyed creating frames for … Continue reading

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Fig Leaf Frame

In between working on the Selig chairs and the beer server/paddle I’ve also been doing the carving on the picture frame for one of Diane’s pictures.  By the way, she has started a new blog on WordPress, here is a … Continue reading

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Busy feels Good

During the warm/hot season here in Las Vegas my routine is to work early in the morning out in the shop and then, as temps hover towards the century mark try to discipline myself to work inside.  At times, the … Continue reading

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Two, Very Interesting Projects + Diane’s Picture Frame

After the crib to desk project I wondered if I would get called to do some other interesting things — well I did!  Designing and building heirloom quality furniture is what I really enjoy doing but to be honest, anything … Continue reading

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